All Breeds Welcome

Services & Rates   


Evaluation/Consult (approx half hr)


Private training lesson (half hr)




Foundation for Puppies 3 weeks 

*recommended for ALL puppies, must be under 4 months! We provide a positive foundation for learning/engagement and introduce impulse control skills. This program is designed to help prevent potential issues.



General Obedience & Leash Manners 3 weeks 

*recommended for all ages wanting improved obedience.   Leash/house manners, impulse control, pulling, barking, jumping, mild reactivity, etc



Advanced Obedience & Behavior Modification 4 weeks 

*recommended for leash reactivity, on/off leash obedience, difficulty performing under distraction, recall



Customized Board & Train 6 weeks plus



Tune Up Training  (no minimum stay required)

*only available for FHF trained dogs, pay/day





*Open to all ages and levels, 3 week consecutive minimum commitment Monday-Friday

$1875 for 3 weeks

$2500 for 4 weeks


*Available to FHF trained dogs only


Understand behavior. Communicate with clarity. Teach with motivation.

AKC CGC Evaluator Brigitte Deitz Massachusetts
AKC STAR Puppy Instructor Massachusetts Brigitte Deitz
AKC Urban CGC Test Evaluator Massachusetts Brigitte Deitz

Puppy Basics

Advanced Obedience


Off-leash recall

House Manners

Down under distraction

Social Skills

Off leash heeling

Leash Manners

 Behavior Modification

Focus & Attention

Trick Training

Greeting Skills

Boot Camp

AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen)

AKC Farm Dog

Crate Training

Nosework & Tracking

Intro to Dogsport


House Breaking

Proper E-collar foundation

Clicker Training

Service/Therapy Dog

Leave it

Schutzhund/Personal Protection/Police

Brigitte Deitz,  MA Licenced Instructor & AKC Evaluator, AKC Farm Judge

AKC Urban CGC Test Evaluator Massachusetts Brigitte Deitz
AKC CGC Evaluator Brigitte Deitz Massachusetts




It's never too soon (or too late) to start training. We begin training puppies at 7 weeks, be it manners or foundation for competitive obedience. The earlier we teach them what we want, the less likely they are to develop behaviors we don't. Keep it simple. One step at a time, we can build a foundation that will last a lifetime. The most important lesson you can teach your puppy is that learning is fun!

This phase can start as early as 3 months and end as late as 24 months, depending on your puppy's rate of maturation. Your once sweet and attentive puppy suddenly starts  selectively listening and lacking impulse control. The adolescent may be easily distracted, test boundaries, demonstrate reactivity and or avoidance. This is a very moldable phase, obedience is the solution. We can give your dog the tools and skill set to handle any situation. 

The adult dog can take up to 4 years to reach full maturity. A well trained adult dog is stable, confident, and equipped to remain composed under any set of curcumstances. Maturity may bring new found dominance. Aggression peaks between 2-4 years. If there are weaknesses in your foundation training, this can be  challenging for pet owners.  Rest assured, it's never too late to improve your dog's manners, behavior modification is our specialty. 

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