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Von Der Nordsee German Shepherds

Here at Fox Hill Farm, home of Von der Nordsee German Shepherds, we believe in a solid temperament suitable for family life, sport, or the work field. Our German Shepherds are bred for health, soundness and versatility. Von der Nordsee shepherds are known for their beauty and balance both in their temperament as well as structure. We imported our foundation females  from Germany and we continue to introduce European blood to our lines today.


We understand the traits that a family seeks in a pet are different than those for police. That is why we have divided our breeding program into two.  Both breeding programs share the priority of  health and stable temperament, but the energy level and drives set them apart. In a pet, we prefer a German Shepherd who is active enough for recreation but can also settle well in the home when its time to relax. In our working German Shepherds, we prefer extreme drives so they can excel in their work, always wanting more. Our pet German Shepherds are easy for children and adults to train together. Our working puppies would drive most families crazy, but we adore them just the same. 

Our dogs are beloved family members who we have dedicated our life to raising and training.  While we love to train and compete, we enjoy our dogs most as a family.  I enjoy seeing my dogs run free together on the farm, play in the sand at the beach, and sack out on the couch while we watch a movie. I made the conscious decision for all of my shepherds to be pets first and Schutzhund dogs second, a choice I have made for myself, my family, and my dogs.

Charlie Brown says it best, "I've decided to devote the rest of my life to making my dog happy".

Schutzhund is a sport which rewards the partnership between a person and their dog in three phases: Tracking, Obedience, and Protection. Schutzhund requires an intense level of dedication and commitment to the relationship with your dog. We raise our puppies with positive based training methods and believe that exposure to a multitude of surroundings is of the utmost importance for optimal results.


Our next litter is planned for late winter 2022