Evaluation Consult (approx half hr)


Private training lessons (half hr)

*New clients must start with pkg of 5 


Group training lesson (advanced off leash half hr)


Overnight Board & Train 2 weeks (5 months and under)

*recommended for ALL puppies! We provide a positive foundation for learning/engagement and introduce impulse control skills. This program is designed to help prevent potential issues.

Overnight Board & Train 3 weeks (minimum initial stay) 

*recommended for leash and house manners, impulse control, pulling, barking, jumping, mild reactivity, difficulty with distraction










Overnight Board & Train 4 weeks (e collar training)

*recommended for moderate reactivity &/or off leash obedience, difficulty with distraction, etc




Overnight Board & Train 6 weeks + (custom)


Tune Up Overnight Board & Train (no minimum stay)

*must have already completed a 3 week stay with us



*only available for FHF bred dogs and established clients 


Day School Training


*Discounted rates for long term stays (2+months) 

Dog Training 

Breeding Services 

Cell Cytology (optimal method for proper timing)




Artificial Insemination


Ultrasound Pregnancy Check 




Dogs For Sale

German Shepherd Puppy

Includes puppy vaccinations, deworming, microchip, & guarantee


French Bulldog Puppy

Includes puppy vaccinations, deworming, microchip, & guarantee


Reservation Deposit 


Trained Older Puppies-Young Adults 

Private Inquiry